Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The origin of the pink highlighter

I've tried blogging in the past and I failed. The reason they failed was because of a foolish commitment I made with myself to write something new everyday for people whom I imagined were going to read it. I decided what shape my blog should take based off of the blogs of others. This time I will write when necessary for myself and my children and be as organic/ free as possible.

The idea and name of this blog came to me a few hours before writing this post. It has been a long night of researching, without a minute of sleep -- something I'm sure to regret by midday -- about the books The Secret, Write It Down Make It Happen, The Four Agreements and The Alchemist. It was during this search that I decided to attempt to improve my life by following the advice located within these books such as, "thoughts become things" and "write it down, make it happen".

I downloaded The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho onto my iPad and began reading. Just a few pages in, I realized I began using the highlighter feature like a bored child with a marker... more than half of the page was now pink!  Normally I would go back and remove the highlight from some of the words so the page didn't look so colored but the man was preaching and every word was necessary (which is one of the four agreements - be deliberate with your words). This is when I realized the importance/problem with the highlighter...

After highlighting what I believe is important things, it is not very often that I return to the book to read the highlighted passages. Once the book is complete, it goes on my bookshelf and technically becomes a part of the furniture. I want to use this blog to highlight the important things in my life and in order to do so I must keep returning which will allow me many chances to reread all that I deemed "highlight-able" in my life.

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