Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Caroline Party Dress Pattern Review

I decided to try The Caroline Party Dress by Mouse House Creations for my girls Easter dresses. I chose this pattern because I loved the many options that were available. I don't dress the girls the same but I try to have their clothes coordinate in small ways. I had such trouble trying to decide on the color scheme (story of my life) that I ordered the fabric online way too late. The delivery date is set for the day AFTER Easter. Shame on me. I decided to just use some fabric that I had in my stash, trying not to spend a dime.

For the first dress I went with no collar, fully lined underskirt, waist piping, bias trim, inseam side pockets (favorite feature) and a chiffon button flower. I used the ruffle chiffon flower tutorial by The Mother Huddle as a guide but made a few changes like instead of hot glue I used my sewing machine.  

I took BEAUTIFUL pics under a tree and had someone shake the tree just a bit so petals can fall while I snap pictures. Unfortunately the camera settings were changed by accident and I didn't stop to admire the pictures as I usually do, so when I got home they were super overexposed. The photo above was one of them that I Photoshoped the heck out of to get it to look half decent. :(

For the second dress I decided to keep it simple and make it fully lined with a peter pan collar. I also added a silver ribbon with a big bow in the back.

How stinking cute is that collar? I'm not usually a peter pan collar kinda girl but it has grown on me. She wore this dress with a short white sweater. Of course I don't have any pictures of it because...... well you just read why... :(

As for my review of the Caroline Party Dress......I LOVE IT. The direction were on point. For the dress with the collar I stuck to the directions word for word. I usually stay away from zippers and this pattern uses an invisible zipper which made me almost pee my pants BUT it wasn't bad at all. I'm now a fan of the zipper and I'm not quite sure why it always made me so nervous. Everything was perfect...even the final length of the dress. I have plans on making more dresses with this pattern. I'll use the fabric that I planned originally for Easter.

The fabric used on theses dresses were gray distressed twill from Fabric.com. That fabric now is out of stock.
The first picture is a size 5T.
The second is a size 2T.

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